Buying a new puppy is usually a beautiful experience. As a Shih Tzu breeder, I have spoken to so many people who wanted to buy a new puppy. It is usually very easy to tell who will make the most common mistakes first-time dog owners make and those who won’t. Before you commit to buying a new dog. Read through these common mistakes first-time dog owners are likely to make so you can avoid them.

mistakes dog owners make
Mistakes New Dog Owners Make

Not Choosing The Right Breeder

This is the one mistake that new dog owners make. By simply choosing the right breeder. They automatically avoid or fix every other mistake mentioned in the following paragraphs. Firstly, a good breeder would make sure that you are ready to welcome a new puppy home. One who is not profit-driven. That is, wanting to make a sale and just move on. If you buy your dog from the right breeder. They would inform you of the key points you must note. Some of which have been mentioned in this post. I for instance take rehoming my puppies very seriously. I do not just sell to anyone. Those who want to buy a Shih Tzu puppy must fill out the puppy match form and then a pet purchase application form. Which I will then review and then give them my response. This helps me to understand the buyer more and know where they are lacking which I can easily adjust. You can fill out the puppy match form here. I also upload nice posts on my website for dog owners. Such as this post on Shih Tzu puppies for sale. Before you buy a new dog. Make sure you take the time to choose the right breeder.

Rushing To Their Decision

This is the first and most common mistake most first time dog owners make. They hastily make a decision to buy a puppy without doing any research. Before committing to any dog. Firstly, you must make sure the breed you are committing to matches your lifestyle and needs. For instance, some dogs are more affectionate than others. Some instead make great guard dogs. Such as Rottweilers. While others require a lot of training. For someone who wants a guard dog, it would be unethical to buy a breed such as a golden retriever or teacup Yorkie. Just as it would not make sense for someone looking for an emotional support dog to buy a pitbull and ignore the toy breeds. Like, shih tzus or Pomeranians.

So, doing your research is very important. Some breeders, such as myself. Are very informative when it comes to interaction with interested buyers. I do my best to ensure that whoever is taking home one of my puppies is well-informed, fully ready, and capable of handling the responsibility.

Ignoring Pet Care Cost

This is another common error new dog owners make. Even if you are able to afford the full down payment for a puppy. An essential fact you must not neglect is, you need to set aside a monthly budget for your new dog. Dogs can’t eat every food humans do. Check out this post on foods harmful to dogs. You will realize that they are just regular foods yet can be poisonous or even deadly to your dogs. Our little fur friends require a special diet. Some breeds such as shih tzus, are inexpensive to care for. While other breeds might be very costly. Not forgetting vet bills and pet insurance if you want one. The breeder you are dealing with is in the best position to give you an estimate on how much you might spend monthly on your dog.

Neglecting Proper Training

Unlike cats who can just figure everything out for themselves if you provide them with what they need. Dogs are big babies and require you to train them. Potty training, crate training, and lots more. This is one of the mistakes new dog owners make which will only get worse. Thinking that your dog would automatically potty train itself is not something you should do. Right from when you welcome your puppy home. The training should begin. Potty training a dog for instance is not fun at all for first time dog owners. It takes time and patience. You can easily potty train your dog by watching a few videos on YouTube or seeking help from the breeder. A puppy who has already received potty training will find it relatively easy to adapt to its new environment.

Overlooking Socialization

Some dog breeds are very social. This means that they require a lot of your time and attention. Buying a sociable dog breed would mean that you are willing to create time to socialize with the dog. If not, it will easily get bored which can over time lead to depression. A quick solution to this is getting a pair. So they will be playmates. The drawback to getting two is that it would require twice as much effort training them and pet care costs.

Poor Feeding Habits

Large and small dog breeds have different dietary requirements. A smaller dog breed might not need to eat as much as larger dog breeds. Just like there are some branded dog foods that are made for some specific dog breeds. Buying just anything you find on the shelf would really affect your dog’s health negatively. Not only will their immune system be compromised, but they become more susceptible to health issues. Dogs can also be obese, and suffer from diabetes and cancer. Making sure your dog has the right diet is essential to your puppy living a healthy long and beautiful life. Read this post on the top 5 immune-boosting foods for dogs.

Not Following Up With The Dog’s Vaccines

Dogs need their shots. Not only to keep them healthy but to also ensure our safety. Dogs carry diseases that can be easily transferrable to humans. Rabies for instance is not deadly to dogs but if an infected dog bites you. You contract the disease and it is very deadly. The first thing you must do after buying a new dog is take it to the vet to ensure that it gets all its required shots and then do a follow-up.

We post helpful content on our website for not just shih tzu owners but all dog owners.

Overlook Grooming

This is by far the most common mistake first time dog owners make. If your dog is not well groomed, it fur will get tangled and overgrown. Plus insects and fleas can easily make a home in your dog’s fur. Also, dogs that are not well groomed tend to smell really bad. There are special dog shampoos for different dog breeds. You can find so many different brands at your local pet shop. Some dogs shed more than others, so regularly brushing their hair would fix this problem. The fur on your dog’s face easily traps dirt and food particles. That’s room for bacteria to grow which is harmful to both you and your dog. You can either groom your dog by yourself at home or take it to a professional groomer. The second option is best for first time dog owners.

Grooming a dog for the first time without prior experience can be very traumatizing to both you and your dog. After a couple of visits to the groomer. You can learn over time through observation and gradual practice.

Not Choosing The Right Vet

Do you know how some people build a nice relationship with their doctors? The same thing applies here. Before choosing a vet, you need to be sure they actually love animals and then you can proceed with building a good relationship with them. Some vet clinics offer special care to animals and make each vet visit a calm and stress-free experience instead of a horrifying one for the dog. Before you even welcome your dog home. You must have done your research on vets in your local area. Your vet is in the best position to give you the best tips on proper care for your dog’s health. Also, regular vet visits, maybe once every 3 months really put your dog in the safe zone. Don’t assume you know what is wrong, seek medical advice from your vet.

These are the top 10 mistakes new dog owners make. I hope you had a good read.