Pickup & Delivery


Selected buyers are welcome to come pick up their puppy in person at our home in Lexington KY. We accept pickup on weekends, but exceptions can be made for those who are unable to pick up on a weekend.


We do not accept visits from interested buyers who have not been approved for purchase. In the past, each time we had a new litter over 40 people came for visits, most of whom were just looking and not ready to buy or commit. Once approved, you are allowed to visit and pick up your puppy.


We ship our puppies by use of a professional pet delivery agency. Which provides pet nanny services. This means, the puppy will be in the cabin section of the plane and would be accompanied by the pet nanny.

To make the shipping arrangements. The buyer needs to provide us with their address, city, state and zip code. The buyer can either pick up the puppy at the airport or I can make arrangements for delivery to their address. Shipping costs $250 for pickup at the airport and an extra $50 if the buyer would prefer delivery to their address.

The pet delivery agency is responsible for this. It takes about 24 to 48 hours for me to make the shipping arrangements and when I am done. I will provide the buyer with the flight details so they can get an ETA as well as a tracking code which they can use to get live updates.