Yes, Shih Tzu dogs are smart. They are easy to train and not only are they smart but also make wonderful companions. Just because they are smart does not mean any dog you buy will automatically have an outstanding personality. They require training. So buying a shih tzu puppy from a reputable breeder will broaden your chances of ending up with one well-behaved puppy.

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Intelligence can vary from one Shih Tzu to another. Some may easily learn new commands while others may require a little more effort. It is important to note that, intelligence in dogs can manifest in different ways. Shih Tzus excels in social intelligence, with a remarkable ability to read human emotions. This explains why Shih Tzus are great companions.

are shih tzu dogs smart

If they sense that you are sad, they would try to provide you with comfort, and if you are upset or mad at them. They will get so worried. Most Shih Tzu owners have gone online to express how smart their Shih Tzu dogs are.

Tips On Training Your Shih Tzu

These are some training techniques you can use to easily train your Shih Tzu puppy.

Positive Reinforcement

Shih Tzus just like most dogs respond well to positive reinforcement. Personally, I believe it is one of the best methods of training your dog. Positive reinforcement simply means rewarding desired behavior with playtime or treats. When your Shih Tzu responds to a command, reward them with a treat. By so doing, they will associate that command with treats.

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Training Sessions, Are Shih Tzu Dogs Smart?

Due to the short attention span of Shih Tzus. It is advisable to keep training sessions short and simple. Anything from 5 to 10 minutes is considered ideal. If you make a training session too long. The puppy will lose interest and this will only leave you frustrated. Some people are not very patient. Such people are more likely to become aggressive when their dog does not perform certain tasks or respond to commands as they expect them to. I hope so far, we have answered your question Are Shih Tzu dogs smart?

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Consistency and Repetition,

This is one of the main points to emphasize on. You must be consistent when training your Shih Tzu. Using the same word command or signal for each assigned behavior you want your dog to learn is key. Repetition helps a great deal to reinforce the association of the word command and the desired behavior or action you want your dog to perform. Try different environments and gradually increase distractions.

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High-Value Treats

Using high-value treats that your Shih Tzu would love makes training easy. Much like if you want someone to do something, the right motivation they are promised will determine the commitment they put in. It’s exactly the same thing that applies here. Be careful not to give your Shih Tzu treats that are too sweet and in large quantities. This may affect the general well-being of your dog. Exercise moderation in the treats. Click here to check out this post on top 5 foods to never feed your dog.

Clicker Training, Are Shih Tzu Dogs Smart

Shih Tzu dogs are smart which makes training them a whole lot easier. A clicker is a small handheld device that can make distinct sounds associated to a particular behavior. Read this post on how to use a Clicker. You can buy one on Amazon.


Socialization helps prevent fear or aggression. Early socialization of your Shih Tzu puppy is extremely important. Exposing them to different environments, people, and other animals too. As a breeder, this is one of the things I focus on. I always ensure that my puppies are well-socialized. This generally makes adapting into their new homes very easy. Click here to see the Shih Tzu puppies for sale available now,

Are Shih Tzu Dogs Smart? Conclusion.

The training progress for each dog may vary since every dog is unique. Some Shih Tzus may be quick learners while others may require a lot more time, patience, and repetition. Having a training technique that is best suitable for your Shih Tzus personality is important. Also, always remember that the key to successful training includes consistency, patience, and positive reinforcement. If you ever wondered, Are Shih Tzu dogs smart? After reading up until this point, you can clearly see how intelligent Shih Tzu dogs are. Training them is relatively easier since they are smart. Thank you for reading this post, Click here to return to